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This calls GETS^DIQ to get a list of field values for a record


Property Value
Label GET
MUMPS Implementation DSICDDR0

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FILE LITERAL 20 true This is the number of the file in which you wish to search.
IENS LITERAL 20 true This is the IENS for the search. See the instructions on constructing anIENS in the FileMan Programmer's Manual
FIELD LITERAL 250 true This is an ^ (or ";") delimited list of field numbers to return from theentry identified in IENS
FLAGS LITERAL 20 true This is a string containing up to 3 characters that will modify howFileMan presents the results of this operation: E: Return data in external format I: Return data in internal format N: Do NOT return null values - not to be used by DSS GUI R: Resolves field numbers to field names W: Input field is a word processing field If the W flag is passed, then this call expects that the Field parameter will have a single field number only. The W flag must be sent by itself. It cannot be combined with other flags. W introduced 12/9/2003.

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