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This will allow you to add or delete an entry to file 19621. When you use the VistA Imaging import an image API, you are returned a queue number. This number means that VistA Imaging background processor accepted your request and place it a queue and will process it in due time. After you get this successful queue message you should immediately file that data through this RPC. This file is to allow communication between the VistA Imaging background processor and the DSS Document Management system.


Property Value
Label UPD
MUMPS Implementation DSICDM

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
ACT LITERAL 1 true This is the action that should be taken. The default value if not passed is A. ACT = A then add a record to file 19621 - TRANID and QUEUE required ACT = D then delete a record in file 19621 - TRANID is only required
TRANID LITERAL 50 true This is the transaction ID you passed to the VistA Imaging import API. It must be in the format DSS;xxxxxx This is optional. If it is not passed, then a transaction ID will be built from the APP parameter.
QUEUE LITERAL 20 true This is only required if you have successfully queued an import request to VistA Imaging. VistA Imaging import API will return you a QUEUE number. This is only required if you are adding a record to file 19606.
APP LITERAL 7 true This is optional only for DocManager. For all othr DSS applications, this is required. DSS Product Prefixes for VistA Imaging: Product Name Product Prefix DocManager DM CNT CNT Total Notes TNT PFCS PFCS PTF PTF VRM VRM DRM DRM Dental Treatment Planner DTP TRM TRM PSS PSS ROI ROI MHTP MHTP Draeger DRG VistA Gateway/ProVation VGPRO VistA Gateway/QuadraMed VGQM VistA Gateway/Intisiq VGINQ VistA Gateway/TheraDoc VGTHD

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