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This with return information about an admission event. This RPC is a wrapper around the IN5^VADPT API. If you pass in a date, then the data related to that date and admission will be returned, If no date is passed, then get inpatient status as of NOW. For more detailed description, see IN^DSICDPT routine.


Property Value
Label IN
MUMPS Implementation DSICDPT
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 15 true This is the pointer value to the PATIENT file (i.e., DFN)
DATE LITERAL 13 true This is the Fileman format, date only, for which you wish to retrieve inpatient movement information. If it is not passed, then the program will use NOW as the date.
LODGE LITERAL 1 true This is a Boolean flag (1 or 0 or <null>). If LODGE=1 then allow for lodger type admissions. If not, exclude lodger type admissions from the search. The default value is <null>, exclude lodger admisssions.

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