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This will return certain data related to a patient’s current admission. The data returned and the order that it is returned is controlled by the FLAG parameter. For more detailed description, see routine INQ^DSICDPT


Property Value
Label INQ
MUMPS Implementation DSICDPT

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 15 true This is a pointer to the PATIENT file.
FLAG LITERAL 26 true This is 3 "^"- piece string of single character codes which dictate what data will be returned and the order that that data is returned for a patient's current admission. 1st ^-piece - flags related to the current patient movement 2nd ^-piece - flags related to the admission movement 3rd ^-piece - flags related to the discharge movement Default FLAG = "MDWFPpAa^MD^MD" Flag Code Description ——— —————————————– M pointer to movement (#405) D external movement date.time d internal (Fileman movement date.time) W external ward location P name of Primary Care Physician p DUZ of Primary Care Physician Following only applicable to current movement F pointer to PTF record (#45) R external room-bed A name of ATTENDING PHYSICIAN a DUZ of ATTENDING PHYSICIAN S external FACILITY TREATING SPECIALTY (#42.4) s internal FACILITY TREATING SPECIALTY (#42.4)
LODGE LITERAL 1 true This boolean flag controls whether or not Lodger movements (admissions) should be included in search. If LODGE = 1 then return lodger movements. Else exclude them. Default value is 0, exclude them.

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