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This will return field attributes from a selected file for one or more fields.


Property Value
Label MULT
MUMPS Implementation DSICFM06
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIN LIST 50 true DSIN(i) := label ^ value for i = 0,1,2,3,4,… Label can be one of five values: FILE - req - file (or subfile) number or file name FLAG - opt - N or <null> - default value is <null> if FLAG["N" - do not return attributes which are <null> ATT - req - list of field attributes to return this can be a ';'-delimited string of field attribute names or individual field attribute names Examples: DSIN(i)="ATT^LABEL;TYPE;GLOBAL LOCATION;" DSIN(i)="ATT^SPECIFIER" DSIN(i)="ATT^" - the '' means get all field attrib FIELD - req - field number or field name Examples: DSIN(i)="FIELD^.01" DSIN(i)="FIELD^.01;.02;.03;.09" DSIN(i)="FIELD^.01:.09" DSIN(i)="FIELD^.01;.02;.03;1:9;99" Field numbers (or names) can be separated by ';' An inclusive range of field numbers is separated by ':'

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