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This will invoke SDA^VADPT. It returns those appointments which were keptand all open future appointments depending upon the date range.


Property Value
Label APPT
MUMPS Implementation DSICVT0

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LITERAL 90 true DATA = DFN ^ BEG ^ END ^ ALOC ^ FLG where DFN = required - pointer to patient file (#2) BEG = optional - FM date/time - return all scheduled appointments greater than BEG END = optional - FM date/time - return all scheduled appointments up to ENDALOC = optional - name of location (file 44) or pointer to file 44 If present, then only appointments for that clinic returned FLG = optional 0 - return all kept appts from BEG to today 1 - return future appts only 2 - return appts from 0 & 1 Date range takes precedence over FLG. So if you send BEG=DT-1,FLG=1 youwill get no appointments since BEG not greater than NOW
SCR LIST 100 true SCR - optional - added 7/3/2002 - sgm passed by reference format: SCR(subscript) = code ^ value where code = C for hospital location #44 D for medical center division #40.8 S for 3-digit stop code from file 40.7 (not ien) value = for codes C,D - any unique lookup value or ien for code S - 3-digit stop code (not ien to 40.7)

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