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Using SELECTED^VSIT this retrieves all visits for the date range.


Property Value
Label VST
MUMPS Implementation DSICVT0

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 12 true This is the pointer value to the Patient file
BEG LITERAL 14 true Optional - this is the starting date for the search in internal filemandate/time format of the visit. If not passed, then a date of T-365 willbe used.
END LITERAL 14 true Optional - this is the ending date/time for the search in internal filemanformat. If not passed, then a date of DT+.5 will be used.
ZLOC LIST 15 true Kept for backward compatibility. Do not use. See SCR parameter. Optional - you can look for visits for specific locations (file 44). TheZLOC array is expected to be in the format ZLOC(ien)="" where ien is thepointer to file 44.
CAT LITERAL 1 true This flag controls whether service categories should be screened or not.It is optional, the default value is to screen entries. I +CAT then do not screen entries.I '$G(CAT) then screen entries to exclude those whose service category isE,D,X,N, or C
SCR LIST 250 true SCR - optional - added 7/3/2002 - sgm passed by reference format: SCR(subscript) = code ^ value where code = C for hospital location #44 D for medical center division #40.8 S for 3-digit stop code from file 40.7 (not ien) value = for codes C,D - any unique lookup value or ien for code S - 3-digit stop code (not ien to 40.7)

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