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For a given user DUZ value, return all IDs for that individual. These IDs include SSN, NPI, and the local alternate identifiers if they exist.


Property Value
Label ID
MUMPS Implementation DSICDUZ
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
VDUZ LITERAL 15 true This is the user's internal entry number (DUZ) number from file 200
FLAGS LITERAL 15 true A string of characters indicating which identifiers you want returned. Default to AaDNSTVv Acceptable values Flag File 200 field# Return mnemonic Description —- ————— ————— ——————————— A 21600(mult) OAI Alternate ID a 21600 OAI Return default alternate ID only. If one is marked as default then return that value. If none are marked as default and there is only entry in the Alt ID multiple, then return that one. If none are marked as default and more than one non-expired Alt ID is found, then return error message. Flags A and a are mutually exclusive. If both receive then use A. D 53.2 DEA DEA# N 41.99 NPI NPI# S 9 SSN SSN T 53.92 TAX Provider's Tax ID V 9000 VPID VPID v 53.3 VA VA#

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