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This will return a list of all the entries in the INSTALL file. You pass in either a KIDS Build name or the name portion of the Build name (a Build name without the version number or patch number). All Installs matching that name will be returned in reverse chronological order (the newest first).


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation DSICXPDU
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIKID LITERAL 30 true This value will be used to do a Fileman lookup on the INSTALL file .01 Name field. This value can be a full Build name in the form: <test><space><version> or a patch <text><version><patch>This value can just be the text portion of the Build name.
DSIALL LITERAL 1 true This parameter will only be used if the DSIKID input value is a patch designation name, that is a Build name with "". This is a Boolean value: 1/0 Default value = 0 if 1 then return only Installs whose Build name exactly matches the value passed in DSIKID if 0 then return all Installs whose Build name starts with the text portion of a patch designation: <text><version>*<patch>
DSISTAT LITERAL 5 true This is a string of numbers which can be 0,1,2,3,4These numbers indicate the status of the KIDS Install Status 0:Loaded 1:Queued 2:Install Started 3:Install Completed 4:De-installed The only statuses that indicate a Build was actually installed are 2,3 3 indicates the install ran to completion successfully 2 indicates that the install started but never ran to completion. There is no way to determine how far the install got just looking at this status code. Default value = 23

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