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This RPC allows the update of certain fields in the 7078 and FEE PATIENT files.


Property Value
Label ED7078
MUMPS Implementation DSIFNOT6

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FB7078 LITERAL 99 true Internal Entry Number for 7078 (Required)
AUTHFRDT LITERAL 7 true Authorized From Date (Optional - FileMan Date)
AUTHTODT LITERAL 7 true Authorized To Date (Optional - FM Date)
DSCHDT LITERAL 7 true Discharge Date (Optional - FM Date)
ADMAUTH LITERAL 99 true Admitting Authority (Optional, Pointer to file 43.4 VA ADMITTING REGULATION)
POV LITERAL 99 true Purpose of Visit (Optional - Pointer to file 161.82 FEE BASIS PURPOSE OF VISIT)
PSA LITERAL 99 true Primary Service Area (Required - Pointer to file 4 INSITIUTION)
ACCREL LITERAL 1 true Accident Related (Optional Yes/No - Y : Yes, N : No)
PCR LITERAL 1 true Potential Cost Recovery Case (Optional Yes/No - Y : Yes, N : No [DEFAULT = N])
PATYP LITERAL 2 true Patient Type (Optional, Set of Codes - 00 = Surgical; 10 = Medical; 86 = Psychiatry)
REFPROV LITERAL 99 true Referring Provider (Optional - Pointer to file 200 NEW PERSON)
PENDISP LITERAL 1 true Pending Disposition (Optional) "" for none; '1' FOR FOLLOW-UP/NOT STABLE; '2' FOR AWAITING DISCHARGE/TRANSFER;)
AUTHSVC LIST 200 true WP Array, must start with a value of (1)=[text]
CONTRACT IEN LITERAL 25 true IEN of the FEE BASIS CONTRACT file (Optional) If contract is allowed to be deleted, pass in "@" for IEN

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