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This RPC enters a 7078, updates the FEE BASIS PATIENT FILE, and calls IFCAP to post the 1358.


Property Value
Label EN7078
MUMPS Implementation DSIFNOT4

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
REQ LITERAL 99 true Internal Number of Request (Required, Pointer to file 162.2)
OBNUM LITERAL 99 true Obligation Number (Required, complete with sequence number after the '.')
AUTODT LITERAL 7 true Authorized TO Date (Required, FM Date - Must be later than Authorized FROM date in file 162.2)
DSCHDT LITERAL 7 true Discharge Date (Optional, FM Date - Must not be earlier than AUTODT)
AUTH LITERAL 99 true Admitting Authority (Required, Pointer to file 43.4 VA ADMITTING REGULATION)
ESTAMT LITERAL 9 true Estimated cost to the Veteran, will be passed to IFCAP (Required, Numeric up to 2 decimals)
PATYP LITERAL 2 true Patient Type (Required, Set of Codes) 00 = Surgical 10 = Medical 86 = Psychiatry
PDISP LITERAL 1 true Reason for Pending Disposition (Optional, Required if AUTODT is null) 1 = FOLLOW-UP/NOT STABLE 2 = AWAITING DISCHARGE/TRANSFER
DCHTYP LITERAL 1 true Discharge Type (Required, Set of Codes) 1 - Transfer to VA 2 - Death With Autopsy 3 - Death Without Autopsy 4 - Discharge
POV LITERAL 99 true Purpose of Visit (Optional - Pointer to file 161.82 FEE BASIS PURPOSE OF VISIT)
PSA LITERAL 99 true Primary Service Area (Required - Pointer to file 4 INSITIUTION)
ACCR LITERAL 1 true Accident Related (Optional Yes/No - Y : Yes, N : No)
PCRC LITERAL 1 true Potential Cost Recovery Case (Required Yes/No - Y : Yes, N : No [DEFAULT = N])
AUTHSVC LIST 80 true Authorized Services (Word Processing - Default text from Site Parameter file 161.4 field #28) Array passed must be: AUTHSVC(1)= (text), with additional lines if needed AUTHSVC(2)= (text line 2), etc.
REFPROV LITERAL 99 true Referring Provider (Optional - Pointer to file 200 NEW PERSON)
CNTIEN LITERAL 25 true Contract IEN

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