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This RPC enters the Legal and Medical Entitlements in prep for the creation of the 7078.


Property Value
Label ENTS
MUMPS Implementation DSIFNOT3

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 99 true Patient File Pointer (File #2, Required)
IEN LITERAL 99 true Internal Entry Number for File 162.2 FEE NOTIFICATION/REQUEST (Required)
LEME LITERAL 3 true Legal, Medical Indicators (Multi-Piece Legal Entitlement;Medical Entitlement 1=Yes, 0=No) If Legal is 0 Medical is forced to be 0 and Suspense code should be entered. If Legal is 1 Medical can be 0 or 1
SUSP LITERAL 99 true Suspense Code (Pointer to file 161.27, Required if Legal or Medical is 0)
SDESC LIST 80 true Suspense Description (WP Array MUST START WITH 1. Only used if Suspense Code = 4 [Other]) To delete the existing description, (only if the user wants it deleted) pass SUSD(1)="@"

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