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This RPC will add entries to file 162.2 FEE NOTIFICATION/REQUEST FILE. The logic was taken from routine: FBCHREQ* and edit template FBCH ENTER REQUEST.


Property Value
Label REG
MUMPS Implementation DSIFNOT3

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 99 true Patient File (#2) pointer (Required)
DATE LITERAL 14 true Date and Time (Required - FM format)Date and Time that the vendor notifies the COJ of this episode of hospitalization.
VNDR LITERAL 99 true Vendor (Required - Pointer to file 161.2 FEE BASIS VENDOR)
DTOA LITERAL 14 true Date & Time of Admission (Required - FM format)This field contains the date and time that you begin accepting responsibility for bills incurred if the veteran is found to be legally and medically entitled.
PERS LITERAL 30 true This is a free text field that contains the name of the person who is notifying you.
IEN LITERAL 99 true Internal Entry Number to file 162.2 FEE NOTIFICATION/REQUEST (Optional - Null = Add, Value = Edit). This field is only used for editting an existing record.
ADMDX LITERAL 45 true This is the admitting diagnosis of the veteran which is usually obtained from the person who called.
ATPHY LITERAL 30 true Attending Physician (Optional - Free Text)
ATPHPH LITERAL 20 true This field contains the phone number of the attending physician while the patient was residing in the non-VA facility.

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