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Schedules areport to retrieve ROI requests for a given date range foruse in GUI reports.


Property Value
Label RTYP
MUMPS Implementation DSIRRPT1

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FRDATE LITERAL 7 true Date to begin pulling data in FileMan format with no time.
TODATE LITERAL 7 true FileMan date to end retrieval process.
STATUS LITERAL 7 true "A" : Get only the appealed requests (-RV,-PR)"O" : Get only the open"C" : " " closed (-D,-G,-P)"P" : " " pending"N" : " "other nondisclosured (-NR,-RF,-ND,-NV,-RC)"E" : " " entered in error"X" : " " cancelled"ALL": Gets all statuses This parameter may be any combination of the codes delimited by the '^'or the word 'ALL'.
DIVL LITERAL 99 true This parameter is used by the routine if the person requesting thisreport holds the DSIR MDIV key. It is a list of internal InstitutionFile entry numbers (File 4), delimited by '^'.
TYPS LIST 99 true This is an array of internal numbers to file 19620.61 DSIR TYPE OFREQUEST. It is used for reporting criteria if no types are specifiedthen all types will be included in the report.
SCHED LITERAL 1 true Boolean flag that determines whether a report is scheduled or runimmedieately. 0 - Immediate 1 - Schedule.
ESTART LITERAL 14 true Earliest time to start the scheduled task. Mmust be inFileMan date/timeformat.

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