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This RPC will collect the data for the year end FOIA report for VA Form0712


Property Value
Label FOIA
MUMPS Implementation DSIRRPTF

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FRDT LITERAL 7 true The FileMan Format date to start the report. Typically this will beOctober 1st of the previous year.
TODT LITERAL 7 true This is the end date for the report period. Typically this will beSeptember 30th of the current year.
DIV LITERAL 20 true This is the list of internal division for the current user or another division that the current user has access to.
QUICK LITERAL 1 true 0 - Calculate the report and save the results if report for a fiscal year1 - Return the stored results of the report for a fiscal year2 - Return the combined stored results and user add ins for a fiscal year
SCHED LITERAL 1 true This is an optional boolean field to indicate whether of not the reportshould be scheduled.
ESTART LITERAL 15 true This is the earliest start time for a task to launch if the report isscheduled.

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