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This calls the Fileman lister, LIST^DIC to get a list of records matching the input value


Property Value
Label LIST
MUMPS Implementation DSIVDDR0

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FILE LITERAL 20 true This is the file number of the file that will be searched
IENS LITERAL 30 true This is the standard FileMan IENS string when doing a search/lookup on a multiple in a file.
FIELD LITERAL 250 true ';' delimited list of fields requested for each record
FLAGS LITERAL 15 true This is the FLAGS parameter for the LIST^DIC API
NUMBER LITERAL 4 true Enter the maximum number of matching records you wish to retrieve.
FROM LITERAL 50 true Enter the string that will be the starting value to use when transversing the indexes looking for a match.
PARTIAL LITERAL 50 true This is the PARTIAL parameter in the LIST^DIC call.
INDEX LITERAL 50 true Enter the string of index names (separated by '^') which the search will transverse
SCREEN LITERAL 250 true If you wish to screen entries, then enter that executable M code. This is the same as DIC("S")
IDENTIFY LITERAL 50 true This is the IDENTIFIER parameter in LIST^DIC call

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