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This will retrieve the statuses of the VistA Imaging import requests on a per DSS application basis. There are various input filters you can pass to limit what will be returned.


Property Value
Label STAT
MUMPS Implementation DSIVDM

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIVDAT LIST 245 true Note: TX equals transaction ID (19621 .01 field value) DSIVDAT(sub) - subscript value of DSIVDAT() is arbitrary DSIVDAT(sub) = label^value where Label Req Value —— — ——————————————————— DEL Boolean - default 0 - if 1 then delete records which were successfully imported and retrieved by this call APP x Only return TXs for this APP CODE SDT get TXs >= this date, can be FM or external date format EDT get TXs <= this date, can be FM or external date format MAX Maximum number of transactions to retrieve TRANID TX OVERRIDE This RPC is hardcoded to get as many statuses as possible meeting the input filters in one minute. This timer function can be overridden by this Boolean input param I $G(OVERRIDE) then do not honor timer WHICH flag indicating which transactions to retrieve If TRANID is passed, ignore value of WHICH If WHICH[A - get all TX statuses - default E - get all TX in error state S - get all successfully imported TX P - get all TXs still pending import * - get TXs whether or not the TX was previously retrieved. Default is get only those TXs not previously retrieved

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