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This will return specific patient demographic elements for a patient.


Property Value
Label DEM
MUMPS Implementation DSIVDPT
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 20 true This is the patient's DFN or pointer (IEN) to the PATIENT file.
SSN LITERAL 10 true This is the patient's 9 (or 10) digit SSN. You must pass either DFN or SSN.
PERM LITERAL 1 true This is a boolean flag (1 or 0). The default value is zero. If one, then always return the patient's permanent address information. Otherwise return what is configured in the MAS software.
DSICONF LITERAL 13 true This flag determins whether or not to return the confidential address information. It is optional. If this is passed, then TODAY will be default date to use to check to see if a confidential address is active for that date. DSICONF - optional - p1^p2 p1 - required - confidential address category - this is a string of one or more numerics, e.g, 134, where category numbers are 1 for Eligibility/Enrollment 2 for Appointment/Scheduling 3 for Co-payments/Veterans Billing 4 for Medical Records 5 for All Others p2 - optional - fileman date to determine if confidential date is effective. Default value is TODAY
DSIVFLG LITERAL 1 true This boolean value (1 or 0) will determine the data returned for certaindata elements. The default value is 0. Any state, county or zip codedata elements return value will be affected by this flag If DSIVFLG=0, return state abbreviation, a 5 or 9 zip-code, and county name If DSIVFLG=1, return ien to file 5^state name^state abbreviation internal form of zip code^external zip code multiple ien value^county name

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