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Retrieves ICB Exception data from 19625.1. A nightly job queued from option DSIV NIGHTLY REPORT processes the report - this rpc now just returns the data.


Property Value
Label RRPT
MUMPS Implementation DSIVICR2

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
SDT LITERAL 30 true Contains the start date for the report. This is the report date in file 19625.1. Since reports are run each night, it is the same as the appointment date.
EDT LITERAL 30 true Contains the end date for the report. Defaults to current date if not sent.
MORE LITERAL 3 true Contains a flag to denote recursive calls to get the Exception Report data. MORE=0 is the starting condition (start at the start date in parameter 1), MORE=1 is to continue getting the records until the value ~END~ is received. The number of records returned for each call is based on the DSIV MAX NUM ENTRIES parameter. The MORE parameter and recursive calling to the rpc prevents network timeouts when a lot of data is being returned (e.g. one month of Exception data).
LOCS LIST 50 true Contains an array of clinics to include or exclude from the report. The array is in the format: LOCS(1)="INCLUDE" (or "EXCLUDE" to exclude the clinics) LOCS(n)=228 (clinic IEN from file 44)

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