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Files new insurance data fields from ICB to the DSIV ICB AUDIT (#19625) file that are not part of the INSURANCE BUFFER (#355.33) file so that theymay be updated as part of buffer processing by insurance verifiers.


Property Value
Label IN
MUMPS Implementation DSIVIM
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIVAUD LITERAL 30 true Pointer to the DSIV ICB AUDIT (#19625) file.
DATA LIST 80 true Contains data to file in the following format: D DATA(n)=field^multi-id^value e.g. DATA(1)="6.01^0^1" DATA(2)="6.02^0^2" DATA(3)="8^1^SYN1" SYNONYM is fld 8, subfile 19625.08 (multiple) DATA(4)="8^2^SYN2" DATA(5)="9^1^FIRST LINE OF REMARKS" REMARKS is field 9, wp field DATA(6)="9^2^SECOND LINE OF REMARKS"

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