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Returns INSURANCE BUFFER file entries for specified date range. Each return value has the form - BUFFER IEN^DFN^ « requested fields » ^SSN^FLAGS^SYMBOL^DIV^IMAGES^ERR where SSN is the full patient SSN, FLAGS are the “iIEYH” flags, SYMBOL is the IIV status (where the record is in electronic processing), DIV is the users default division, and IMAGES is field #2 IMAGES SCANNED from the DSIV AUDIT file (#19625) ERR is the one-line eIV error message (if applicable)


Property Value
Label LIST
MUMPS Implementation DSIVIC3

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
SDT LITERAL 14 true Start date in FileMan internal format.
EDT LITERAL 14 true Inclusive end date in FileMan internal format (optional).
FLDS LITERAL 100 true Field list (optional). If not specified .01I;.01 are returned.
NUMS LITERAL 10 true Contains the maximum number of entries to return per rpc call. If not defined, then all entries will be returned (backward compatible).
MORE LITERAL 1 true Used with the NUMS parameter, More=0 means first call to rpc, More'=0 means get the next 'set' of NUMS records. The data will end with a record = $END$ to tell the gui that there are no more records.

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