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Used to check the status of the background job kicked off by the DSIV PRODUCTIVITY REPORT rpc and to return results from that report.


Property Value
Label POLL
MUMPS Implementation DSIVICR3

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIVHNDL LITERAL 50 true Contains the Handle returned by the kick-off rpc (or sent by the GUI) to uniquely identify a report instance running in the background.
CNT LITERAL 10 true The number of records to return for each call of the rpc. This is used to avoid broker timeouts for reports with a lot of data.
MORE LITERAL 1 true MORE=1 when subsequent calls are made to the rpc to return the next "CNT" (count) of rows of report data. The GUI may send MORE=9 to terminate the report and have the M code kill the ^XTMP global as it is no longer needed.

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