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Used to check the status of the background job kicked off by the DSIV EXCEPTION REPORT2 rpc, and to get the report data.


Property Value
Label POLL
MUMPS Implementation DSIVICR1

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIVHNDL LITERAL 50 true Contains the Handle returned by the kick-off rpc call DSIV EXCEPTION REPORT2. This is the ^XTMP global node where the report status and data reside.
CNT LITERAL 10 true Contains the count (#) of records to return for each call to the rpc.
MORE LITERAL 1 true Contains a flag (MORE=1) when there were more records than parameter 2 (CNT) to supress the header for the subsequent calls to get data.The first call to the rpc should NOT include the MORE=1 parameter. Send MORE=9 to kill the report data in ^XTMP global if the user no longer wants to get it.

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