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RPC to send a user a kernal alert


Property Value
Label SEND
MUMPS Implementation DSIVXQA

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LIST   true DATA is a list which is expecting data in the following format: DATA(sub) = value subscript required value ——— ——– ————————————— XQAMSG Y message displayed to the user (80 char) XQAROU N tag^routine to be invoked if from RPC this must be silent XQAID N package identifier for alert XQADATA N an application specific data string [the alert processor will set XQADATA equal to this and will be available to M routine specified in XQAROU] XQAARCH N # days to keep in alert tracking file XQASURO N # days to wait before forwarding alert [forwarded to recipient's Mailman's surrogates if unprocessed by recipient] XQASUPV N supervisor forwarding [# days to wait before forwarding to recipient's supervisor if unprocessed by recipient. SUPERVIOR = CHIEF field from file 49 corresponding to recipient's SERVICE/SECTION] DFN N pointer to PATIENT file [used to construct XQAID so that it works properly in CPRS] PKG N namespace of calling app - default=VEJD Rn Y at least one must be defined - recipients of R1,R2,R3,… alert - can be pointer to NEW PERSON file or G.<name of mail group> Example of setup in the GUI: Param.List['"XQAMSG"'] := text Param.list['"R1"'] := duz of recipient Param.List['"DFN"'] := pointer to PATIENT file

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