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This will send a Mailman message


Property Value
Label SEND
MUMPS Implementation DSIVXM

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
ARR LIST 250 true This array contains all the data needed to invoke Mailman's send amessage API. ARR format: ARR(sub) = p1 ^ p2 where sub = any subscript value [0,1,2,3,…] p1 = parameter name indicating the mail api entity p2 = the value of the parameter p1 Req/ p1 Opt p2 (and description)——— —- ——————————————————- FLAGS opt string of characters representing special instructions P := priority I := informational only X := closed C := confidential R := confirm receipt FROM opt default to DUZ - sender of message SELF BSKT opt if FROM=DUZ then this canbe the name of DUZ's mail basket to deliver the message [basket must already exist] VAPOR opt Fileman date.time for which thismessage should be deleted from recipient's mail baskets SUBJ req subject of the message [3-65 characters] NOTME opt if this equals 1, then DO NOT include user DUZ as a recipient. Otherwise DUZ will always be a recipient even if they are not included in the recipient list REC opt this is only optional if the mail message will include DUZ as a recipient. These are the recipients of the message. Acceptable values are: DUZ number G.mail group name D.VistA device name S.server name For DUZ and mail group recipients there are additional parameters you can use as prefixes to the recipient: I: - indicate this recipient is informational only C: - indicate that this recipient is carbon copy (cc) L@Fileman_date.time: - deliver this message to this recipient at the specified date.time Examples: for user 1301 - I:1301 C:G.IRM STAFF IL@3021224.23:G.MCCR TEXT req text of message. Each line of text will be a separate ARR(sub) entry. No line should exceed 80 characters.

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