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This is a multi-function front end to the Parameter APIs. It allows youwith a single RPC call to take edit type actions on severalparameter/entity/instance combinations. You can only do these actions: add, change, or delete Each entry in the passed list is treated as if it was a separate RPCcall. Thus each entry is totally independent of the others. So you canmix and match parameters, entities, instances, and actions.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation DSIVXPR2
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DSIVLIST LIST 250 true DSIVLIST - required - p1^p2^p3^p4^p5^p6^p7 where For p1 - p6 see the equivalent DSIC XPAR xxxxxx RPC definition to seewhich p1 - p6 are required for the action requested p1 := entity - default to USR p2 := parameter name p3 := instance p4 := value p5 := new instance value p6 := format for GET1 call p7 := action to be taken - must be ADD, CHG, or DEL if p7 = "ADD" then for this list element perform ADD function if p7 = "CHG" then for this list element perform change value for a parameter/entity/instance if p7 = "DEL" then for this list element perform delete of of a parameter/entity/instance

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