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Generates a report based on the status of 2507 requests.


Property Value
Label STRT
MUMPS Implementation DVBAB6

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DVBCSORT LITERAL 1 true This is the status. Valid choices are: A (age), S (status), V (veteranname), or R (routing location).
RSTAT LITERAL 1 true This is the Request Status. Valid choices are: A (all), P (pending), N(new), or T (transcribed). If DVBCSORT=A,S, or V - RSTAT cannot be null.
ERDAYS LITERAL 3 true If DVBCSORT = A (age) this must be the earliest age to start with (ie. 30days old). This goes with the next variable OLDAYS which is the oldestage (ie. 1 day old and cannot be 0). ERDAYS must be < OLDAYS
OLDAYS LITERAL 3 true This is the Oldest age (ie 1 day) if DVBCSORT=A (age). This goes withERDAYS (earliest age - ie 30 days). ERDAYS must be < OLDAYS
ADIVNUM LITERAL 3 true This is the regional office number - this is required only if DVBCSORT=R,otherwise send as null.
ELTYP LITERAL 1 true This is the elapsed time. Values are C (calendar days - default) or W(workdays). If DVBCSORT=A,S, or V - this must not be null.

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