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Returns an AMIS report for specified search criteria.


Property Value
Label STRT
MUMPS Implementation DVBAB3
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
BDATE LITERAL   true Beginning date in a date range to use for retrieving results for the report.
EDATE LITERAL   true Ending date in a date range to use for retrieving results for the report.
RONUM LITERAL   true This is an optional parameter that has 2 optional pieces: REGIONAL OFFICE^DIVISIONIf this parameter is defined, then the report logic will filter the results by the Regional Office number passed and/or Division. Regional Office should always be included in the 1st '^' delimited piece and the Division should always be included in the 2nd '^' delimited piece if values are to be passed. If the 1st '^' delimited piece is undefined, null or 0 then results for all Regional Offices (RO) will be returned. If Division is undefined, null or 0, then results for all Divisions will be returned.
SBULL LITERAL   true A Y/N value which indicates whether a bulletin should be generated when the processing has completed.
DUZ LITERAL   true Identifies the individual in the NEW PERSON File (#200) who should recieve the bulletin generated.
DVBAPRTY LITERAL 4 true Priority of Exam code which inidicates which priorities to filter on. AO : Agent Orange BDD : Benefits Delivery at Discharge and Quick Start IDES : Integrated Disability Evaluation System ALL : All Others (Original Report with all codes except those above)

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