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This rpc retrieves the report text for a report selected onthe Report tab.the report format on the roll ‘n scroll version of CPRS.


Property Value
Label RPT
MUMPS Implementation DVBAB1

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DFN LITERAL 20 true Internal entry number of entry in the Patient file.
REPORT ID LITERAL 20 true Identification number of the desired report.
HEALTH SUMMARY TYPE LITERAL 20 true Internal entry number of entry in the HEALTH SUMMARY TYPE file.This parameter is only required for Health Summary reports.
DATE RANGE LITERAL 5 true This parameter indicates the number of days from TODAYthat the report should search for information.This parameter is required for vital reports.
REPORT SECTION LITERAL 2 true This parameter specifics which portion of the report should beretrieved.If REPORT SECTION equals 0 then the entire report is re-compiled and thefirst section is passed back. If the report is large then it isnecessary to divide it into sections. Currently, each section cannot be more than be more than 20,000 characters

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