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This returns a report of consults for a service/grouper for agiven set of statuses and date range.


Property Value
Label ENOR
MUMPS Implementation GMRCSTLM

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
SERVICE REFERENCE   true The service or grouper to create the list for. The default if none ispassed is "1" for ALL SERVICES.
START DATE LITERAL 7 true This is the start date range for the report or "ALL" for all dates. Thedefault if none is passed is "ALL" and the END DATE will not be used.
END DATE LITERAL 7 true This is the ending date range for the report. Not used if the START DATEis "ALL" for all dates.
STATUSES LITERAL   true This is a comma separated list of the statuses to include in the report.If none is passed the default list is "3,4,5,6,8,9,11,99" which is all thestatus that are pending resolution.
LIST CONTROL LITERAL 1 true 0, null or not define then just the display list is displayed 1 then the list will be two pieces with the first being the ien of the consult for selection in the gui and the second piece being the display text. 10 then the consults will have a line number on them for selection 20 then the consults will have the consult number displayed 100 then use abbreviations for the statuses 1, (10 or 20) and 100 can be added together to add there features

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