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This call will return specific information about any one input objectregardless of type. Developers should first use the RPC to return theavailable input objects (either by form or by clinic). There are 3 types of input objects, lists (both static and dynamic),hand print fields, and multiple choice fields. Each input objectmay be associated with selection rules and data qualifiers. Thereare 4 selection rules: 0 := any number (including zero) 1 := exactly one 2 := at most one (0 or 1) 3 := at least one (1 or more) There are also a number of data qualifiers that are used to describe thedata, for example, primary, secondary, add to problem list, etc.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation IBDFRPC1
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
IBDF LIST   true The following variables are required: IBDF("PI") := pointer to the package interface file IBDF("IEN") := pointer to the input object (file depends on type) IBDF("CLINIC") := pointer to the hospital location file (required only to return provider lists) IBDF("DFN") := pointer to patient file (required only for patient specific dynamic lists such as patient active problems)All are returned by one of the available rpc's in aics.

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