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Imaging Capture workstation calls this RPC to get a TIU IEN to attach images to. This call simply calls a CP API, which accepts DFN, Consult #, Visit String (optional), Complete Do not Complete the transaction.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation MAGGSCP
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
MAGDFN LITERAL 30 true DFN of Patient
MAGCONS LITERAL 30 true This is the consult #. The consult # is returned as a part of the Clinical Procedure Requests Query.
MAGVSTR LITERAL 30 true Visit String, needed to create a New Tiu Note. Visit String is returned as part of the Query to get Patient Visits. The Query to get a list of patient visits, is done directly before this call from the Capture Workstation.
MAGCMP LITERAL 10 true Flag: tells to Complete (1) or Not Complete (0) the CP transaction. If Not Complete, then this transaction is available on the CP User station to attach images to.

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