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Stores the new filter to the IMAGE LIST FILTERS file (#2005.87) or updatesproperties of the existing filter.


Property Value
Label SET
MUMPS Implementation MAGGSFL1

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
MAGGZ LIST   true List that stores the filter data and related parameters. Each list item has 2 pieces separated by '^': ^01: Field number ^02: Field value The following special names can be used in place of field numbers: FLAGS - Value contains flags that control the execution (can be combined): S Selective save. If this flag is provided, then only the fields listed in the MAGZ array are updated; other filter properties are not changed. By default, all filter properties, which do not have new values in the MAGZ array, are cleared. IEN - Value is the Internal Entry Number of the filter that has to be modified. USER - Value is the IEN of the user who this filter is saved for. Example: with RPCBroker.Param[0] do begin PType := list; Mult[1] := 'IEN^23'; Mult[2] := 'FLAGS^S'; Mult[3] := '15^Column Description'; end;

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