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RPC Call to add new entry to Image File using UPDATE^DIE.


Property Value
Label ADD
MUMPS Implementation MAGGTIA

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
MAGGZ LIST   true MAGGZ is an array of fields and their entries. i.e. MAGGZ(1)=".5^38" field .5 data is 38 If Long Description is included in fields, we create a new array to holdthe text, and pass that to UPDATE^DIE. If this entry is an object group then MAGGZ(n)="2005.04^344"(The field 2005.04 is the OBJECT GROUP MULTIPLE.) Special processing is done to 'coded' entries.i.e. MAGGZ(n)="ABS^STUFFONLY" The "ABS" code tells routine to take extraaction depending on piece 2, "STUFFONLY", which says to NOT schedule theabstract to be created by the background processor.

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