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Files the image pointer into the Radiology package and the Radiologypointers into the Imaging package.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation MAGGTRA

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
XDUZ LITERAL 30 true Not being used anymore, kept for backward compatibility.DUZ of user.
MAGIEN LITERAL 30 true Internal entry number of Image File entry ^MAG(2005,
DATA LITERAL 255 true First "^" piece is MAGIEN, The IMAGE File Internal number. ^MAG(2005,Next "^" pieces are the same RAD DATA that was sent in the RPC Call MAGGRADLIST, as the return Array. RADFN_"^"RADTI"^"RACNI"^"RANME"^"RASSN"^" RADATE"^"RADTE"^"RACN"^"RAPRC"^"RARPT"^"_RASTThe same DATA that the RAD procedure RAPTLU saved in ^TMP($J,"RAEX",RACNT) We saved the variables that the RAD Routine RAPTLU set up when creatingthe list of Rad Exams for the patient. We send it back as input here,Initialize the variables so when we need to call any Rad Procedure, wehave what we need.

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