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This remote procedure returns the list of reasons for actions performed onimages. This data is loaded from the MAG REASON file (#2005.88).


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation MAGGA01

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
TYPE LITERAL   true This parameter defines the type(s) of reasons that are returned by the remote procedure. Its value should consist of one or more of the followingcharacters: C Reasons for copying images D Reasons for deleting images P Reasons for printing images S Reasons for changing image status For example, if the "CD" value is assigned to the parameter, the RPCreturns the reasons for copying and deleting images.
FLAGS LITERAL     Flags that control execution (can be combined): F Include full details (description text, etc.) I Include inactivated reasons If this parameter is not defined or empty, only the summary data forcurrently active reasons is returned.
PART LITERAL     The partial match restriction (case sensitive). For example, a PART valueof "ZZ" would restrict the list to those entries starting with the letters"ZZ". If this parameter is not defined or empty, no text restrictions are applied.

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