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Per VHA Directive 2004-038, this should not be modified.+—————————————————————+ Property of the US Government.   No permission to copy or redistribute this software is given.   Use of unreleased versions of this software requires the user   to execute a written test agreement with the VistA Imaging   Development Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs,   telephone (301) 734-0100.   The Food and Drug Administration classifies this software as   a medical device. As such, it may not be changed in any way.   Modifications to this software may result in an adulterated   medical device under 21CFR820, the use of which is considered   to be a violation of US Federal Statutes. +—————————————————————+RETURNS THE LIST OF IMAGE ANNOTATIONS .MAGOUT Reference to a local variable where the results .MAGIEN Internal Entry Number of IMAGE file being annotated Return Values If MAGOUT(0) is defined and its 1st ‘^’-piece is 0, then an error occurred during execution of the procedure. 0^0^ ERROR explanation MAGOUT(0) = 1 ^ COUNTER ^ MESSAGE/1childIENOK + the counter of saved annotations MAGOUT(n) = LAYER ID ^ ANNOTATOR ^ SAVED DATE/TIME ^ ANNOTATION VERSION ^ SOURCE ^ DELETION ^ TIU COMPLETION ^ SERVICE/SECTION ^ SITE# ^ DUZ Definition of each piece of MAGOUT(n)[1] = layer ID (unique to the image, not globally unique)[2] = name of user who saved layer[3] = date layer stored[4] = annotation version[5] = application that created layer[6] = 0/1 to indicate if layer deleted[7] = indicates if the layer was saved after the TIU Note COMPLETE (if there is a note)[8] = Service Section of user who saved layer[9] = user site name[10] = DUZ of user who saved layer


Property Value
Label GET
MUMPS Implementation MAGSANNO
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
IEN LITERAL 30 true IMAGE file (#2005) internal entry number

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