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This provides an interface with the VA Fileman Database Server (DBS)API for the single field validator: VAL^DIE.


Property Value
Label DVAL
MUMPS Implementation MAGQBUT4

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
FILE LITERAL 99 true This is the file number that contains the attribute to be validated.
IENS LITERAL 99 true This is the record number or place holder of the entry being validated.
FIELD LITERAL 99 true This is the number of the file attribute to be validated.
FLAGS LITERAL 99 true This is the option set of parameters defined for the VAL^DIEE External value is returned in RESULT(0). F FDA node is set for valid data in array identified by FDA_ROOT. H Help (single ?) is returned if VALUE is not valid. R Record identified by IENS is verified to exist and to be editable. Donot include "R" if there are placeholders in the IENS. U Don't perform key validation. Without this flag, the data in VALUE ischecked to ensure that no duplicate keys are created and that key field values are not deleted.
VALUE LITERAL 99 true This is the value to be validated.

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