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This call will update the status of an entry in file 704.002(the CLIO_HL7_LOG file). Note that if the status passed through is ‘PROCESSED’, the CP INSTRUMENT file entry pointed to by field .03 will be checked to see if it has a routine in its .11 field. If it does, the HL7 message will be copied to a temp global and the PROCESSING ROUTINE will be invoked.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation MDCPHL7B
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
MDCPMSG LITERAL   true The IFN of the message in the CP RESULT REPORT file.
MDCPSTAT LITERAL 1 true The status to which to change the file entry referenced by the first parameter. Check the data dictionary for field .09 to get a list of valid codes. This parameter must be in internal format.
MDCPDFN LITERAL   true This is the IFN of the patient in file 2, if available.
MDCPISCR LITERAL   true If MDCPDFN is set, this tells the linetag that MDCPDFN is a correction, not the original DFN.

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