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General RPC for VA Fileman functions. Param 1 is passed in as the function to perform and includes thefollowing: LOOKUP: Performs very generic file lookup functionalityVALIDATE: Validates input to a fileman field and saves to FDADELREC: Validates ability to delete and if able deletes a recordSETFDA: Validates input and stores in FDASAVEFDA: Saves any data stored in FDACLEARFDA: Clears any data in the FDA without savingGETDATA: Retrieves a single field valueGETCODES: Retrieves the set of codes for a fieldGETLABEL: Retrieves a fields TITLE or LABEL if no TitleGETIDS: Returns required identifiers for a DD NumberGETHELP: Returns Fileman help for a fieldRENAME: Validates and renames .01 field if validNEWREC: Creates a new recordCHANGES: Returns 0/1 if changes exist in FDACHKVER: Version check Client <-> ServerLOCK: Locks a record by DD and IENSUNLOCK: Unlocks record locked by LOCK option


Property Value
Label RPC
MUMPS Implementation MDRPCOR

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
OPTION LITERAL 30 true See description of RPC.
DDNUM LITERAL 10 true Contains the Data Dictionary number of the item being manipulated.
IENS LITERAL 20 true Contains the IENS of the record being manipulated.
FLD LITERAL 10 true Contains field specifications for the record.
DATA LITERAL 30 true Contains any other needed information for the call.

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