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This RPC is used to return the list of all LINK and DO NOT LINK records associated with the ICN list passed as input. The DO NOT LINK list will be derived from the records in the MPI DO NOT LINK file (#985.28) and pulled using the GET^MPIDNL API. The LINK list will be built from PRIMARYICN values associated with any of the ICNs in the input list.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation MPIRPC
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description                              
SOURCEID LITERAL 200 true This parameter is a list of ICN/VPID's that IMDQ Toolkit will provide toget a listing of all of the related LINK and DO NOT LINK events. Theformat of this parameter is as follows: ICNLIST - LIST OF ICN'S Format:A comma delimited list of Source IDs, each Source ID in the format: ICN/VPID SourceSytemID SourceAssigningAuthority IDType Example: 1001170718V338193 200M USVHA NI,101178194V591076 200M USVHA NI,1008521877V768382 200M USVHA NI,1008522314V828468 200M USVHA NI

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