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This call will apply the user’s electronic signature to the orders and documents in the ITEM array. It will return a boolean result for each item (indicating success or failure), with explanatory text in the event the call fails.


Property Value
Label SIGN
MUMPS Implementation ORRCSIG

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
USER LITERAL   true This is the pointer to the user in the New Person file #200.
LOC LITERAL   true The hospital location. Essential in the OE/RR 3 for printing of orders,if available. Not essential for notes.
ESCODE LITERAL   true The network encrypted signature code of the person identified in ORNP.
ITEM LIST   true The array of items to which the electronic signature is being applied. Should have the format: ITEM(#)=DOC:### for notes, or ITEM(#)=ORU:###^DFN^Release Flag^Signature Status^Nature of Order ITEM(#)=ORD:###^DFN^Release Flag^Signature Status^Nature of Order

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