VistA Analysis » VistA Reference » RPCs » ORRC TASKS BY PATIENT


This call returns a list of tasks for a patient that are not yetcompleted.


Property Value
Label LIST
MUMPS Implementation ORRCTSK
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PATIENT LITERAL   true This is the pointer to the patient in the Patient file #2.
USER LITERAL   true This is the pointer to the user in the New Person file #200; if definedthen tasks will be returned that USER created or all incomplete tasks ifUSER is linked to the patient in some way.
DUE LITERAL   true This is a date in the format YYYYMMDD[HHMMSS]; if defined, then onlytasks that are past DUE (i.e. Due Date is prior to DUE) will be returned.

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