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BCMA Medication Log Look Up Remote Procedures. This routine is a conglomerate of Medication Log lookup functionalityper the BCMA Graphical User Interface software. Input: PSBREC (array) PSBREC (0) determine “lookup” function “PTLKUP” (patient file (#2) lookup) “ADMLKUP” (MedLog administration lookup) “SELECTAD” (selected admin.) (1) values to use per lookup. (DFN per ADMLKUP) value of selected item. (PSB IEN per SELECTAD) (2) search date per ADMLKUP Output: RESULTS (array) RESULTS(0) number of lookup matches (1) error message or data per match/selection (n) data per subsequent match/selection. “PTLKUP” results data format:RPC Call: PSB MED LOG LOOKUPRESULTS(0) = 1RESULTS(1) = piece 1 Patient’s DFN (“-1” if error/message)piece 2 Patient’s Namepiece 3 Sexpiece 4 Date of Birth (FM format)piece 5 Social Security Numberpiece 6 ““piece 7 ““piece 8 ““piece 9 ““piece 10 Date Of Birth (displayable format)piece 11 Social Security Number (displayable format) “ADMLKUP” results data format:RESULTS(0)=Number of lines returned. RESULTS(1)=piece 1 DFN of Patientpiece 2 DATE of Activitypiece 3 Orderable Item_” “_Dosage Formpiece 4 IV Unique IDpiece 5 Action Statuspiece 6 Schedule Typepiece 7 Action Date/Time (FileMan)piece 8 Action By Initialspiece 9 PRN Reasonpiece 10 PRN Effectiveness “SELECTAD” results data format: RESULTS(0)=Number of lines returned. RESULTS(1)=piece 1 PSBIEN of the administration selected for edit. (“-1” if error/message)piece 2 DFN of Patient piece 3 Patient Namepiece 4 SSNpiece 5 Medicationpiece 6 BagIDpiece 7 AdminStatpiece 8 “for possible later use”piece 9 AdminD/Tpiece 10 InjctStpiece 11 “IV”/”PB”/”UD”piece 12 “for possible later use”piece 13 Order Statuspiece 14 Schedul. Typepiece 15 Order Number_U/Vpiece 16 Order has given patch or infusing IVbag - Flag RESULTS(2)=piece 1 PRN Reasonpiece 2 PRN Effectiveness RESULTS(3..n) [for each dd/add/sol] =piece 1 “DD”/”ADD”/”SOL”piece 2 drug IENpiece 3 drug Namepiece 4 Units Orderedpiece 5 Units Givenpiece 6 Units of Administration


Property Value
Label RPC
MUMPS Implementation PSBMLLKU
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PSBREC LIST   true PSBREC (array)(0) determines "lookup" function "PTLKUP" (patient file (#2) lookup) "ADMLKUP" (administration lookup) "SELECTAD" (process selected administration. (1) values to use for the lookup. (DFN for the ADMLKUP) "SELECTAD" must present the PSBIEN value of the user-chosen administration.(2) search date for ADMLKUP

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