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Called by client to return or set parameters


Property Value
Label RPC
MUMPS Implementation PSBPAR
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PSBCMD LITERAL 6 true Contains the command to perform against the system parameters.GETPAR: Get a single instance of a parameterGETLST: Get all instances of a multiple valued parameterSETPAR: Set a single instance of a parameterCLRLST: Clear all instances of parameters in a list
PSBENT LITERAL 30 true Contains the entity to act upon. Usually "###;DIC(4," for division.
PSBPAR LITERAL 30 true The parameter as defined in file 8989.51.
PSBINS LITERAL 30 true The instance of the parameter that you want to return. Defaults to 1.
PSBVAL LITERAL 80 true If setting a parameter this contains the data value to place in the parameter.

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