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This is the filing RPC for all data returning from the clientregarding the medication log. Filing is handled by business rules onthe server and this RPC will return either ‘1^Data Filed’ or’-1^reason for not filing data’ to the client. Results of the processed transaction is communicated via the RESULTS array. The number of RESULTS subscripts used (n) will be presented in RESULTS[0]. RESULTS [1..n] will contain the RESULTS message. Business rules are conducted via the [0] node data (Input parameter sequence 1). If a ‘+1^MEDPASS’ is encountered it is a complete new med pass and is validated as such. Transaction type MEDPASS is the only type that requires a +1 in the first piece of the header, all other transactions MUST supply a valid medication log entry in the IENS. The data for filing is passed in as a list in Param[1] as shown below. Example Delphi Call with RPCBroker1 do begin RemoteProcedure := ‘PSB TRANSACTION’; Param[0].Value := ‘88484^COMMENT’; Param[0].PType := Literal; Param[1].Mult[‘0’] := ‘Comment for the med pass’; Param[1].Ptype := List; Call; end; BUSINESS LOGIC controlled by Param[0]: Param[0] = MEDLOG IEN ^ TRANSACTION ^ INSTRUCTOR DUZ ^ WITNESS DUZ ^ WITNESS COMMENT ^ WITNESS HR ORDER LEVEL CODE ————————————————————————-TRANSACTION = MEDPASS Note: Entries 1-6 are required, 7,8,9 are required depending on item [2] order type… [0] = Patient IEN [1] = IV/Unit Dose Order Number ^ Clinic Name (if a clinic order) Note: will be passed in as I;#### for IV and U;#### for Unit Dose future release will allow P;#### for pending [2] = Schedule Note: C:Continuous P:PRN 1:One Time O:On Call [3] = Status Note: G:Given H:Held R:Refused [4] = Orderable Item Note: IEN to ‘PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM’ (#50.7) [5] = Scheduled Administration Date/Time Note: This is when the med is scheduled, med is entered as GIVEN NOW! [6] = Reason Given PRN^PRN Reason Flag Note: Required if given PRN must be null if not PRN [7] = Comment Note: 1-200 characters [8] = Injection Site [9] = Tab^Unique ID # [10..n]= RecordType^IEN^Units Ordered^Units Given^Units Type Record Type = DD: Dispense Drug SOL: Solution ADD: Additive IEN = Internal Entry Number of the following if Record Type = DD: DRUG (FILE #50) SOL: IV SOLUTIONS (FILE #??) ADD: IV ADDITIVES (FILE #??) Units Ordered = Number of units in the Inpt Meds Order Units Given = Number of units scanned/entered by the user Units Type = Type of administration unit (i.e. TAB, CAPLET, ML) ————————————————————————-TRANSACTION = COMMENT [0] = Comment to append to the log entry Note: Will be appended to the log with user ien and NOW as a date ————————————————————————-TRANSACTION = PRN EFFECTIVENESS [0] = Effective Comment Note: will be filed as entered now by current user ————————————————————————-TRANSACTION = STATUS UPDATE [0] = New Status Note: If status is Given, Date/Time administered D/T will be set to NOW If status is Held/Refused administered D/T will be set to null Status on med log must be <> null to execute. New status must NOT match current status or G will overwrite administration DT. [1] = Comment Note: Comment IS Required ————————————————————————-TRANSACTION = EDIT [0] = Action Status [1] = Patient DFN [2] = Inf/Inj Site [3] = IV Unique ID [4] = Admin Date/Time (fileman format) [5] = Prn Reason [6] = Prn Effectiveness [7] = Comment Note: comment data is required! [8] = “DD/ADD/SOL^ Drug IEN ^ Dose Ordered ^ Dose Given ^ Unit of Administration” [n] = “additional data per DD/ADD/SOL associated with order.”


Property Value
Label RPC
MUMPS Implementation PSBML
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PSBHDR LITERAL   true Contains the IEN or +1 up-arrow transaction. See RPC description.
PSBREC LIST   true See description.

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