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This RPC has been built specifically to process the filing of BCMA Pain Score data. The processing of other VITAL type may be incorporated with some adjustments. This routine is to service BCMA 3.0 functionality and store VITALs’ data into the VITAL MEASUREMENT FILE - ^GMR(120.5 using the API GMRVPCE0 Parameters: Input - DFN (r) Pointer to the PATIENT (#2) file RATE (r) BCMA trigger event/transaction VTYPE (o) Pointer to GMRV VITAL TYPE FILE (#120.51) (default = Pain [“PN”]) DTTKN (o) Date/time (FileMan) measurment was taken (default = $$NOW^XLFDT()) Output - RESULTS(0) = 1 RESULTS(1) =”1^Pain Score successfully filed” or RESULTS(1) =”-1^ERROR * Pain Score NOT filed successfully” Process results in the storing of VITAL Measurement rate into the VITAL MEASUREMENT FILE per the given patient and vital type.


Property Value
Label RPC
MUMPS Implementation PSBVITFL
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PSBDFN LITERAL   true PSBDFN presents the Pointer to the PATIENT File (#2) of the patient for whom this vital measurement data was entered.
PSBRATE LITERAL   true PSBRATE presents the numeric value associated with this vital measurement.
PSBVTYPE LITERAL   true PSBVTYPE presents the type of measurement for this record and is a pointer to the GMRV VITAL TYPE File (#120.51)
PSBDTTKN LITERAL   true DTTKN (o) Date/time (FileMan) measurment was taken. The default is NOW.

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