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The RAMAG EXAMINED remote procedure updates the status of the case (theprocedure has been performed) and creates the stub report. It also sendsrequired HL7 messages, sends changed order control “XX” to CPRS, but doesnot send VistA alerts regarding the exam status change.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation RAMAGRP2
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description                      
RAEXAM LITERAL   true String of exam/case identifiers separated by '^': ^01: IEN of the patient in the RAD/NUC MED PATIENT file (#70) ^02: IEN in the REGISTERED EXAMS multiple (sub-file #70.02) ^03: IEN in the EXAMINATIONS multiple (sub-file #70.03)                      
RAMSC LIST     Items of this list define miscellaneous/optional exam parameters. Eachrecord has 3 or more pieces separated by '^': ^01: Parameter name ^02: Index (for multiples and word-processing values) ^03: Value1 ^04: Value2 … The following parameters are supported by this remote procedure: CMUSED^^{Y N} Internal value for the CONTRAST MEDIA USED field (10) of the sub-file #70.03. COMPLICAT^^{IEN #78.1}^{text} Internal values for the COMPLICATION (16) and COMPLICATION TEXT (16.5) fields of the sub-file #70.03. CONTMEDIA^{Seq#}^{I N L C G B M} Internal value for the CONTRAST MEDIA field (.01) of the sub-file #70.3225. CPTMODS^{Seq#}^{IEN #81.3} Internal value for the CPT MODIFIERS field (.01) of the sub-file #70.3135: IEN in the CPT MODIFIER file (#81.3). FILMSIZE^{Seq#}^{IEN #78.4}^{amount} Internal values for the record of the FILM SIZE multiple (70) of the sub-file #70.03. FLAGS^^{flags} Flags that control the execution (can be combined): F Try to enforce the new status even if some required fields are not populated. S Do not send HL7 message to speech recognition (dictation) systems PRIMCAM^^{IEN #78.6} Internal value for the PRIMARY CAMERA/EQUIP/RM field (18) of the sub-file #70.03: IEN in the CAMERA/EQUIP/RM file (#78.6). PRIMDXCODE^^{IEN #78.3} Internal value for the PRIMARY DIAGNOSTIC CODE field (13) of the sub-file #70.03: IEN in the DIAGNOSTIC CODES file (#78.3). PRIMINTRES^^{IEN #200} Internal value for the PRIMARY INTERPRETING RESIDENT field (12) of the sub-file #70.03: IEN in the NEW PERSON file (#200). PRIMINTSTF^^{IEN #200} Internal value for the PRIMARY INTERPRETING STAFF field (15) of the sub-file #70.03: IEN in the NEW PERSON file (#200). RAPROC^1^{IEN #71}^{IEN #71.2}^{IEN #71.2}^… Radiology procedure and optional modifiers. RDPHARMS^{Seq#} Opening/closing tag of the record of internal values for the 'RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS' multiple (100) of the 'NUC MED EXAM DATA' file (#70.2). RDPH-ACDR^^{value} Internal value for the ACTIVITY DRAWN field (4). RDPH-DOSE^^{value} Internal value for the DOSE ADMINISTERED field (7). RDPH-DRUG^^{IEN #50} Internal value for the RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL field (.01). RDPH-DTADM^^{date/time} Internal value for the DATE/TIME DOSE ADMINISTERED field (8). RDPH-DTDRW^^{date/time} Internal value for the DATE/TIME DRAWN field (5). RDPH-FORM^^{A G L P S} Internal value for the FORM field (15). RDPH-LOTN^^{IEN #71.9} Internal value for the LOT NO field (13). RDPH-PWADM^^{IEN #200} Internal value for the PERSON WHO ADMINISTERED DOSE field (9). RDPH-PWMSD^^{IEN #200} Internal value for the PERSON WHO MEASURED DOSE field (6). RDPH-ROUTE^^{IEN #71.6} Internal value for the ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION field (11). RDPH-SITE^^{IEN #71.7} Internal value for the SITE OF ADMINISTRATION field (12). RDPH-VOL^^{value} Internal value for the VOLUME field (14). TECH^{Seq#}^{IEN #200} Internal value for the TECHNOLOGIST field (.01) of the subfile #70.12: IEN in the NEW PERSON file (#200). TECHCOMM^^{text} Value for the TECHNOLOGIST COMMENT field (4) of the ACTIVITY LOG multiple (sub-file #70.07). The following optional parameters are also supported: BEDSECT, EXAMCAT, PRINCLIN, SERVICE, and WARD. If any of them are defined, their values replace the existing ones assigned by the RAMAG EXAM REGISTER. Records can be added to the list in any order. See the comments precedingthe $$EXAMINED^RAMAG07 for more details. If you want to clear a multiple that already has a value, assign "@" orempty string to the parameter itself and do not set any subscripts. Forexample, the following construction will clear the CONTRAST MEDIA multiple: Mult[i] := 'CONTMEDIA^^@'. Example: with RPCBroker.Param[1] do begin PType := list; Mult[1] := 'CMUSED^^N'; Mult[2] := 'FILMSIZE^1^7^2'; Mult[3] := 'FILMSIZE^2^3^1'; Mult[4] := 'PRIMCAM^^3'; Mult[5] := 'TECH^1^2344'; Mult[6] := 'FLAGS^^F'; Mult[7] := 'RDPHARMS^1'; Mult[8] := 'RDPH-DRUG^^23'; Mult[9] := 'RDPH-DOSE^^.002'; Mult[10] := 'RDPH-FORM^^A'; Mult[11] := 'RDPHARMS^2'; Mult[12] := 'RDPH-DRUG^^23'; Mult[13] := 'RDPH-DOSE^^.002'; Mult[14] := 'RDPHARMS^2'; // Record closing tag is required // if something else than another // record of the same kind follows. Mult[15] := 'COMPLICAT^^13'; end;

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