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The RAMAG EXAM ORDER remote procedure requests a Radiology exam for thepatient and returns the IEN of the new order in the RAD/NUC MED ORDERSfile (#75.1). It also sends all required notifications..


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation RAMAGRP1
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description                          
RADFN LITERAL   true Patient IEN (DFN).                          
RAMLC LITERAL   true IEN of the imaging location in the IMAGING LOCATIONS file (#79.1).                          
RAPROC LITERAL   true Radiology procedure and optional modifiers ^01: Procedure IEN in the RAD/NUC MED PROCEDURES file (#71) ^02: Optional procedure modifiers (IENs in … the PROCEDURE MODIFIERS file (#71.2)) ^nn:                          
REQDTE LITERAL   true Desired date for the exam in HL7 format (TS): YYYYMMDD. If time is provided, it is ignored. The date must be exact.                          
RACAT LITERAL   true Exam category: internal value of the CATEGORY OF EXAM field (4) of the RAD/NUC MED ORDERS file (#75.1).                          
REQLOC LITERAL   true IEN of the requesting location in the HOSPITAL LOCATION file (#44).                          
REQPHYS LITERAL   true IEN of the requesting physician in the NEW PERSON file (#200).                          
REASON LITERAL   true Reason for study. See the REASON FOR STUDY field (1.1) of the RAD/NUC MED ORDERS file (#75.1) for details.                          
RAMSC LIST     Items of this list define miscellaneous/optional order parameters. Eachrecord has 3 or more pieces separated by '^': ^01: Parameter name ^02: Index (for multiples and word-processing values) ^03: Value1 ^04: Value2 … The following parameters are supported by this remote procedure: CLINHIST^{Seq#}^{Line of clinical history} Text for the CLINICAL HISTORY FOR EXAM field (400) of the file #75.1 ISOLPROC^^{n y} Value for the ISOLATION PROCEDURES field (24) of the file #75.1 PREGNANT^^{n u y} Value for the PREGNANT field (13) of the file #75.1 PREOPDT^^{Internal date value} Date and time for the PRE-OP SCHEDULED DATE/TIME field (12) of the file #75.1 in HL7 format (TS): YYYYMMDD[HHMM[+/-ZZZZ]]. If seconds are provided, they are ignored. The date must be exact. REQNATURE^^{e i p s v w} Value for the NATURE OF (NEW) ORDER ACTIVITY field (26) of the file #75.1 REQURG^^{1 2 9} Value for the REQUEST URGENCY field (6) of the file #75.1 TRANSPMODE^^{a p s w} Value for the MODE OF TRANSPORT field (19) of the file #75.1 Records can be added to the list in any order. See the comments precedingthe $$ORDER^RAMAG02 for more details. Example: with RPCBroker.Param[8] do begin PType := list; Mult[1] := 'PREGNANT^^y'; Mult[2] := 'PREOPDT^^200001041400'; Mult[3] := 'CLINHIST^1^Clinical history line #1'; Mult[4] := 'CLINHIST^2^Clinical history line #2'; Mult[5] := 'CLINHIST^3^Clinical history line #3'; end;

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