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The RAMAG EXAM STATUS REQUIREMENTS remote procedure returns a descriptorthat indicates conditions that should be met in order to successfully perform an action on an exam/case record. These conditions are defined by the sites and stored in the EXAMINATIONSTATUS file (#72). See the .1 and .5 nodes of the data dictionary of thefile #74 for more details.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation RAMAGRP2
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
RACTION LITERAL 1 true The RACTION parameter defines the action that is going to be performed on an exam/case record: E Examined (procedure has been performed, images have been acquired) C Complete
RAIMGTYI LITERAL   true IEN of the imaging type in the IMAGING TYPE file (#79.2).
RAPROC LITERAL     Radiology procedure IEN (file #71). This parameter is required todetermine exact nuclear medicine requirements (pieces of the Results[0]from 17 to 25). By default (+$G(RAPROC)=0), this remote procedure cannot examine theSUPPRESS RADIOPHARM PROMPT field (2) of the RAD/NUC MED PROCEDURES file(#71) and might indicate that some nuclear medicine data is required evenif it is not.

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